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The original Saffron extract

Showing spectacular efficiency in weight loss programs


Positive mood, naturally

For relaxation, positive mood and emotional balance


Positive mood, naturally

For relaxation, positive mood and emotional balance

Real innovation with patented clinically proven ingredients

Based in France near the seaside, INOREAL® develops patented & scientifically proven functional ingredients with the highest standards of quality and safety, available for modern dietary supplements.

is the Original patented Saffron extract. As Saffron is known for its virtues but also its rarity, there have been a lot of fake and bad copies of saffron extracts on the market. SATIEREAL® is THE unique guarantee of genuine production. SATIEREAL® has shown, under 2 clinical studies carried out in double blind against placebo, its capacity to manage appetite (-84%) and reduce compulsive snacking (-78%), in releasing more serotonin at the central nervous system level. The leading dietary supplements, dietetic food and products on the market today for weight management are relying on SATIEREAL®, a unique and natural patented ingredient showing spectacular efficiency in weight-loss programs.

is a new patented exclusive natural and powerful elimination complex which stimulates natural body drain functions and body detoxification. ELIMREAL® efficiency has been demonstrated clinically during double blind against placebo studies, increasing Urinary Volume and Frequency. Approved worldwide, ELIMREAL® has no side effects and is successfully used by several thousand of satisfied clients.

is the replica of the saffron extracts that have shown, in published human clinical studies, the ability to fight against sad mood more effectively than Placebo. As the biggest extractor of Saffron in Europe, INOREAL® develops this Saffron extract that matches the science published for mood behavior : Sargol vintage stigmas, Process that preserves its active ingredients, Actives >2% safranal. MOODREAL® mechanism of action has been proven to substantiate this mood activity through the inhibition of the reuptake of Serotonin.
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